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So many things happening!

It's been a while since we updated our news section! We've been busy getting donations together, coordinating stretch goals and helping Pat plan out some of his blogs.

We’ve blown by five stretch goals!

You guys are fantastic! Thanks to your roaring support, we have unlocked the first five stretch goals--that's over $125,00.00 raised in the first three weeks. So we've posted the unlocked stretch goals so far--the only one missing is Brandon Sanderson's online writing marathon.

The First Two Stretch Goals: Unlocked!

The beginning of the fundraiser has been absolutely mind-blowing. In just over a week, we’ve managed to pass the $75,000 mark, which is amazing!

We’re off to a roaring start!

Hi! As we near the end of our first week of the 2013 Fundraiser, we felt we should share something exciting with you guys: this is the strongest start our fundraiser has ever had.

It’s almost here…

Okay. The fundraiser officially starts on Monday. Are you ready? Are WE ready?