And we’re done!

That’s it!

The Worldbuilders 2013 fundraiser has come to a close, and our socks have been officially knocked off. You guys completely outdid yourselves this year, and we beat last year’s total by over $200,000.00! That’s over $600,000.00 more than the donations for the first year. You’re saying, “Yeah, but that was the first year, that was so long ago.” Nope. That was a short 5 years ago. And that’s why we’re so bowled over by your generosity.

So the fundraiser might be over, but there’s plenty of work still to be done. In the coming weeks, we’ll be collecting the final donation numbers from Heifer International. You may see the thermometer creep a little higher as they process the offline donations (mail and phone donations, mostly). Once all the totals are in, Heifer will send them to us, and we’ll randomly match donor names with lottery prizes. Then our poor post office gets packages in huge amounts (we really need to send them some chocolate). And then we clean up. It’s a mess around here!

We can’t say it enough: Thank you all for donating so Heifer International can make real communities proud and self-sufficient.