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A quick word about our 2018 fundraiser….

We did a bunch of stuff differently this year, and we were a little worried about the response. Once again, you all proved that you're the best people ever--we raised more money for Heifer International in less time than any other year.

The Stardust ARC: a story about a story…

There's one book in our lottery that's been here since the beginning. It's the only book that's been involved in every Worldbuilders fundraiser, and as you might think, there's quite a story to go along with that accomplishment...

Welcome to the 2018 Fundraiser!

It's our favorite time of year! Join us for the next two weeks as we share stories, auction off cool collectibles, and raise money for Heifer International!

Worldbuilders: The Tenth Year

Worldbuilders' 10th Anniversary Fundraiser begins now. Join us, and let’s build a better world!

Office-wide Hide & Seek!

With a mere six business days left to get our end-of-year fundraiser whipped into shape, we needed to let off some steam. What better way than a quick game of hide & seek?

Our annual fundraiser starts on November 27th!

We figure Giving Tuesday is a good time to launch this year's fundraiser, and we have a few Big Announcements about the fundraiser in today's blog! The most important one....hmm....we can't seem to remember what it was, but we think it was pretty big. If only there was a graphic or something to remind us...