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Geeks Doing Good 2019…update!

This year's Geeks Doing Good store event was a lot of fun, and we were thrilled to see how many of you stopped by to check out the new stuff we have from our partner creators! How about a recap and update?

Geeks Doing Good 2019 starts today!

Our annual Geeks Doing Good store event has begun, and we have a bunch of new merchandise from our partner creators, some limited goodies, and store-wide deals. Curious? Read on!

Jenny’s Chocolate Constellations

Jenny took vacation last week to take in the lovely sights in the Canadian wilderness, so of course we had to do something to her office...

A quick word about our 2018 fundraiser….

We did a bunch of stuff differently this year, and we were a little worried about the response. Once again, you all proved that you're the best people ever--we raised more money for Heifer International in less time than any other year.