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Author Critiques and Tuckerizations

If you've always wanted to have a walk-on part in your favorite book series, or if you need some professional advice on your own writing, we've got you covered. We have a smorgasbord of tuckerizations and critiques on auction, and maybe a chance to win a few in the lottery...

It’s Game Time!

When it comes to playing games, we're games. Well, we are, but you get the idea. We're serious about our fun, and we have a bunch of games donated by people who are so serious about gaming that they make their own!

The John Scalzi Library

We got a lot of books from John Scalzi this year. A LOT of books. 95 boxes and totes filled with wordsy goodness. And now that we've sorted through them, we're gonna talk about them.

Shiny Things!

We have some shiny things from Jalic Blades and Badali Jewelry to show off! If you're interested in weapons or wearables (¿porqué no los dos?) we've got you covered. We'll even tell you how you can grab a chance to win one in the lottery!

The smell of books is in the air…

Now that Geeks Doing Good fulfillment is done and con season is winding down, it's time to gear up for our end-of-year fundraiser!