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Play games with geek celebrities…for charity!

The Worldbuilders Party is back for the 2018 con season! Right now we'll be at Emerald City Comic Con and Gen Con, and we're hoping to add at least one more party to liven up your con-going experience!

Inventory time!

The best time to do a full-count inventory is right after the holiday. Things are a bit slower in the store, we don't have as much stock to actually count, and we can get more people involved. We're doing a complete inventory of The Tinker's Packs right now--can we do it in one day?

Our year? Why, it’s new–thanks for asking!

We're back in the office after our holiday break, and we're ready to tackle all the cool stuff we have planned! Our first challenge is getting all the lottery prizes shipped as quickly as possible. We think that might also be our second and third challenges as well. So many prizes!

2017 End-of-Year Fundraiser wrap-up!

Our fundraiser this year was amazing! So many of you visited, donated, and spread the word. Thank you all for joining us to raise $1,225,357 for Heifer International. It's been an awesome four weeks, and we think to unwind a little, we might watch some videos. Want to join us?

This is why we do what we do

We talk a lot about the families Heifer International helps, and how their programs rebuild lives from the ground up to give people a solid, sustainable future. And that's enough reason to raise money for Heifer. But those families aren't the only people with stories to tell...

One Million Dollars

As of this morning, we hit our goal of $715,000. That means our anonymous donor will add $285,000 to make it possible for us to send $1,000,000 to Heifer International!

Pat adds some goodies to the fundraiser

Pat's donations this year feature Kingkiller books, the gleefully morbid Princess & Mr. Whiffle books, and an entire set of his favorite books of all time. There are also a couple auctions you might be interested in, but most of his donations are in the Lottery for anyone to win!