Geeks Doing Good FAQ

Our summer Geeks Doing Good event is a week-long celebration of new products and amazing deals you won’t see anywhere else! This event takes place on Indiegogo. By shopping during Geeks Doing Good, you join a community of wonderful people all looking to make the world a little bit better. You get to do good, and in return, you get something awesome!

As always, all proceeds from Indiegogo & Worldbuilders Market go to Worldbuilders to support our mission of uniting the geek community into a massive force to fund education, opportunity, and sustainable self-sufficiency for families and communities worldwide.

If you have any questions not answered here, feel free to email us at and we’ll help.

Mostly, yes. There are some restrictions, outside of domestic U.S.A., but they’re easy to see. It just might cost a little extra.

Each purchase of a perk is a new transaction, so you click on the perk you want, fill in your info, and buy it. Then, go back and select the other perk you wanted, and repeat the process. Make a mistake with that earlier? No problem! Send us an email at questions [at] and we’ll work it out with you.

Not…yet. Well, maybe. We’re still thinking about them, and have a few ideas – have you got any suggestions? Let us know in the comments or via email at questions [at]!

Unfortunately, no. Since you will be receiving a product or service, most places won’t allow for this to be tax-deductible. You can always go to and make a fully-tax-deductible donation, though. Also, if you select one of the perks like “I just want to help out”, “Life, the Univ-eh, you know”, “I Don’t Need Any More Stuff” or “Redistributing Wealth ROCKS!” those ARE tax deductible, because no goods are purchased.

Yes you can, if you don’t mind waiting until we have everything you have purchased in stock. Please email orders [at] with your order # and information from your Indiegogo backing purchase. We will do what we can to package all items together. Please note that some additional shipping charges may be incurred if there are multiple large items or if you are shipping internationally. We try to make shipping as reasonable as possible and still get your items to you safely!

Shipping costs have gone up everywhere, even to our closest neighbors, and shipping across the world has only gotten more challenging. With that being said, we don’t just go with the cheapest option we can find, nor do we go for the most costly top-tier courier services. We use tried and trusted international shipping services, such as UPS Mail Innovations – which is a partnered shipping service that works with each recipient’s respective local postal service.

Unfortunately there is really no easy way around setting up our fundraiser this way. However, if you purchase more than one item and the shipping costs are outrageously expensive, you can reach out to us at and we will try to work something out with you. We have the ability to refund you via PayPal, and we are always willing to do what we can to help.

We are charging shipping because we’ve discovered that holding items back until all of them are ready isn’t a good way to do business. We want to make sure that if we get our items in a reasonable time, you will get them too rather than holding everything back for one large package. Also, if we are able to ship things together, then we have a little more cash to help with the cost of shipping items to our facility or to help with packaging materials. Or just to help feed and educate hungry kids.

(buzzer goes off) That’s not a question! We win! But we still want to help! You can check out other FAQs on our website, or email us at questions [at]