The Worldbuilders Comic

The somewhat fictionalized office shenanigans of the Worldbuilders team.

Roll for Fond Farewell

As we bid fond farewell to our guests (with a little randomized help) we'd like to thank Q, Flidan, Chris, and Lisa for being good sports and joining us for a couple months of silliness!

Huge Success

Teamwork! Once the weird plug was plugged back in, of COURSE we had to test everything out! And what better way to test out an A/V system than by inviting a bunch of old friends for a movie marathon?

Follow the Evidence

Could it be? Is this the key to all our guests' woes with the non-working transporter and A/V rooms? Find out that the answer is "yes" next week!

Size Matters

Q, Flidan, and Chris find out that sometimes a cat isn't the most reliable "get stuff done" person for the job. Unfortunately, Jenny just might be the key to their troubleshooting plan...

Universal Technical Difficulties

If you've ever worked technical support, helped someone with their computer, or otherwise done any troubleshooting on a thing that's just not working no matter what, the conclusion our guests reach might sound familiar...


You remember Chris, right? He was here last time to install a new in-wall A/V system in our conference room. While Q helps Lisa troubleshoot her transporter, Flidan has joined Chris to see what's wrong with the A/V system, which was working just fine before... Also, Vishnu's here.

Sea Monkeys Unite!

Yup, Q and Pat have met before! And Lisa's here for just a couple more strips, because building a transporter room in the Worldbuilders office takes time.