The Worldbuilders Comic

The somewhat fictionalized office shenanigans of the Worldbuilders team.

Magic Veggies

If nobody prepares anything from the vegetables we get in our CSA, how do you explain the sudden appearance of food? Jenny and Brett find out...


Maria gets uncommonly proud of random accomplishments. It might be a side-effect of her undying optimism.

Food Truck

One thing that unites the office is food. And now that we're downtown, food trucks are a thing. A glorious, addictive thing.


Maybe Brett's a hipster, and maybe he's just into weird stuff. One way or another, it's a lot of fun calling him one and watching him get riled up.

Pallet Etiquette

We think what we're getting at with this week's strip, in case it wasn't abundantly clear by the amusing juxtaposition of Anne and the overstacked pallet in the last panel, is that Mike is tall.

New Monitor

The last office was a little dusty. The new office is...also a little dusty.

‘Obsession’ for Gamers

As we geared up for the Gen Con Worldbuilders Party next month (tickets still available, hint hint), we ran into a snag: our love of games. In reality, we narrowly escaped this fate. But the comic this week shows what very nearly happened if we hadn't remained strong.