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Hipsterism has many forms, like Pokémon, and tends to evolve over time…like Pokémon. Hmm. Is anyone else picturing Pikachu is skinny jeans with a Macbook Air and a PBR?

Anyway, this argument has taken place several times over the years. It’s so much fun to call Brett a hipster, because the more he tries to deny or justify his hipsterism, the more he strengthens our argument.

He likes obscure music (that you probably never heard of), he likes movies with subtitles, and anything we think is cool he either hates or was into “way before” all of us. Seriously. His blood type is probably rose alba or something.

To be fair, we’re all hipsters for something, right? It seems to be an all purpose put-down for people who just like stuff other folks haven’t gotten into. And we suppose, technically, what sets hipsters apart from the rest of us nerds is that hipsters a) don’t make their own avocado toast for a dollar like any sane people would and b) tend to be a little snooty and contrary about what they like or don’t like. Which we guess Brett isn’t, really.

But we’re still calling him a hipster, because it’s funny when he gets so defensive.