The Worldbuilders Comic

The somewhat fictionalized office shenanigans of the Worldbuilders team.

Pallet Etiquette

Mike is very noticeably the tallest person on staff. Comically, Anne is probably the shortest, though we might need to have a height-off between her and Jenny. The best part is that Mike and Anne are the only full-time staff at The Tinker’s Packs, so we usually see them together. This, of course, only accentuates their respective sizes.

We always wondered if something like pallet stacking would be an issue. Or stocking merchandise. Like, if Mike was working on backstock and Anne wasn’t there for reference, would he just keep working vertically as all the new items climbed to the stratosphere? He’s pretty thoughtful about that, though, so we doubt it would be a problem.

Just in case, we have step stools around the office.