We believe that people will always help others when given the chance. It’s our aim to give everyone that chance.

Worldbuilders is a non-profit that does one thing: we raise money for charities we respect that might otherwise get overlooked by the geek community. The Worldbuilders team is full of geeks, gamers, and book nerds, and people like us tend to respect intelligent solutions–whether it’s a rock-solid magic system in our favorite fantasy series, or an airtight game mechanic that’s easy to learn and offers amazing variety.

Over the last ten years, Worldbuilders–with the support of our community of awesome geeks–has raised over $7.15 million for various charities.

The charities we support all feature brilliant strategies for helping people in need. Our flagship charity is Heifer International, who has been managing smart, sustainable programs for over 70 years, and working tirelessly to pull communities out of poverty worldwide. Heifer isn’t the only group we work with, though–you can learn more about some of our favorite charities below:

Heifer International provides long-term solutions to give people a hand up so they can pull themselves (and ultimately, their whole community) out of poverty. Heifer’s programs start with education, feature a common sense approach at a local level, and have a proven track record of sustainability and a far-reaching ripple effect of people helping others to thrive.

Mercy Corps focuses on more immediate issues involving refugees from war and natural disasters, bringing not only basic needs but also making sure people have the normalcy and safety they need to survive. They think of things most of us don’t, like establishing playgrounds in shanty towns and supporting community moderators to help settle disputes.

GlobalGiving is a Charity Navigator four-star charity who has programs all over the world that focus on both immediate disaster relief as well as long-term recovery. They work with local organizations and non-profits in stricken areas to make sure the people who live there have the resources they need to take charge of their own recovery.

First Book promotes literacy by making sure communities without access to books and learning material actually get the educational resources they need. By distributing books to disadvantaged families and schools, they ensure that kids–and some adults–are armed with one of the most valuable skills: literacy.

Follow the links below to find out what we do and why.

End-of-Year Fundraiser (November/December)

During our 6-week End-of-Year Fundraiser, all the money we raise goes right to Heifer International. In addition to helping Heifer achieve their mission around the world, everyone who donates during our End-of-Year Fundraiser gets entered into a lottery made up of books, games, jewelry, collectibles, and more. We also run auctions for more specialized items, we post random videos of folks doing silly things, and we bring in a variety of geek celebrities to encourage donations. The past two years we’ve had matching funds, and in 2016 we raised a total of over $2.5 million for Heifer.

Geeks Doing Good (June)

Our 1-week summer fundraiser is a way for us to debut great geeky goods. Rather than donating for a chance to win something, like in our End-of-Year Fundraiser, you can donate and guarantee you’ll get exactly what you want! This fundraiser is full of exclusive items, new products that will eventually make their way to our online store the Worldbuilders Market, and limited things donated by geeky celebs. You can pre-order new and exclusive products and get them before your friends do!

Con Events (March – September)

Throughout the con season, we try to hit a few conventions so we can chat with supporters, meet new sponsors, and generally spread the word about how to make the world a better place. We usually have a booth with some of the cool stuff from the Worldbuilders Market, and there is often a fundraising event you can attend.

The Worldbuilders Market (All year!)

Our online store (formerly The Tinker’s Packs) is where you can find officially licensed Kingkiller Chronicle merchandise, and we’ve started working with other cool folks like Rat Queens, Kevin Hearne, Holly Black, Jim Butcher, Bitch Planet, Sex Criminals, Myke Cole, and more to bring you licensed tees and other great products from your favorite franchises. All proceeds go to Worldbuilders to keep the lights on and to distribute to our partner charities.


We work with authors, publishers, game companies and designers, artists, and a host of other creative folks in the fantasy/sci-fi/gaming industry. A lot of them donate items and services for our lottery and auctions, some of them create Worldbuilders or Kingkiller-specific add-ons and products to raise money for us, and some of them organize events for us. One way or another, our sponsors step up to help us raise money for Heifer, Mercy Corps, GlobalGiving, and First Book. The Worldbuilders team is literally six people–we couldn’t do all this without our partners!