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The somewhat fictionalized office shenanigans of the Worldbuilders team.

Reading List

Jenny has taken point on sorting and shelving all of the amazing books John Scalzi donated to us for the lottery this year, and it’s been a solid couple weeks of unboxing, sorting, and alphabetizing. Along the way she’s found a few that she wouldn’t mind winning if she could. Luckily, she has a conscience in the form of Rachel.

This happens to all of us an embarrassing number of times throughout the year. We see so many awesome donations come through that it’s impossible not to at least gaze longingly at them, or rush into someone’s office shouting, “Lookit the cool thing, isn’t it cooool?!”  We haven’t even finished with John’s books, and we have massive donations coming from DAWSubterranean PressTor, and a bunch of other awesome folks. There will be plenty more opportunity to delight in all the stuff we get to send out after the fundraiser.