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The somewhat fictionalized office shenanigans of the Worldbuilders team.

Supervillain, Step One

The joys of being a cat owner! If you’ve ever owned (or more accurately, shared a living space with) a cat, you’ve probably been launched off of. This can happen at any time, with or without provocation. For Rachel, it happened when she was dead asleep, and it happened right on her face.

As she tells it, Kohl (her very lovey, very LOUD cat) was sleeping on her as he tends to do. She was in dreamland. Suddenly, Kohl shot from the room, his back foot catching on her upper lip and slicing her up pretty badly. So, having woken up like that at about 2 in the morning, she drove herself to the emergency room, cursing him the entire way.

The upside is that all she needs now is a sweet volcano lair and a robot army, and she’ll be all set! We wonder if the Joker had a cat…