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2020 Was A Dumpster Fire. Here is a Sale. Please be Nice.

We’ve made it to the last level of Jumanji: 2020 Edition. If someone had told me in January that this year would include a pandemic, social unrest, a record number of hurricanes (including a land hurricane? WTF Mother Nature?), and an extremely contentious election, I would have probably asked you what you were smoking because I wanted some too.

Check Out the “Acts of Whimsy” Supercut!

Every year during our End-of-Year fundraiser various Friends of Worldbuilders create "Acts of Whimsy" - sometimes just for fun, sometimes as Stretch Goals to motivate us. Check out this supercut of some past videos that have been created by people like Neil Gaiman, the "Unicorn Team", Hank Green, and of course Patrick Rothfuss!