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What are Critiques and Tuckerizations?

We have a number of charity auctions for Critiques and Tuckerizations, as well as a team page where you have a chance to win manuscript critiques in the lottery. But what exactly are they, and why would you want one? Read on!

Heifer International: Playing the Long Game

Today, we attempt to let Heifer International explain a little about what they do and how, and we end up interrupting anyway because we're just too excitable about all of it.

At $300,000, we’ve funded the start of the hard work!

Thanks to everyone who helped us use $150,000 in matching funds to get us to $300,000! Remember our last blog, where we introduced you to Farida Begum? Her life kept changing for the better, and we'd like to tell you how!

Charity Auctions – Bid on cool stuff!

All our auctions are now live! Bid on cool stuff like books, gaming supplies, handmade art, manuscript critiques, and cameos in upcoming books. All the money we raise through these auctions will go to Heifer International, and everything we sell will go to a good home.

Create your own fundraiser page!

Did you know you can create a fundraising page just for you and your friends/family/supporters/fans/pets to team up to support Heifer International? We'll show you how, and best of all, everyone who donates through your page is still entered in the Worldbuilders lottery!

We already passed $200,000 for Heifer International!

We're only on day two of our 2019 Fundraiser for Heifer International, and we've passed $200,000! That's a very special milestone, and if you'd like to hear a story, we'll tell you exactly how $200,000 can help thousands of families start pulling themselves out of poverty.

Join us for some streaming entertainment!

Join the fun online with Pat while he plays video games, talks about cool stuff, and is his generally entertaining self, all to support Worldbuilders and Heifer International. It's free, live entertainment for a good cause!