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Gen Con 2018: The Tall One

Gen Con is always our busiest con, for a few reasons we'll cover--the biggest reason being that we can bring a TON of stuff to show off, since we can drive to it! And as usual, we were blown away by all the cool people we met last weekend.

Gen Con is just around the corner!

We're excited to be heading to Gen Con again next week with a cool new booth layout, a bunch of awesome geek celebrities joining us for the Worldbuilders Party, and a U-Haul loaded with cool stuff!

Worldbuilders Party, Gen Con style!

If you're going to be at Gen Con in a few weeks, have we got a photo op for you! Grab a ticket to play games at the tables of some of the movers and shakers in the fantasy/science fiction, gaming, and podcasting industries. Ready?

Geeks Doing Good 2018 was awesome!

In the single week Geeks Doing Good 2018 ran, a TON of you visited the store, bought and pre-ordered cool stuff, and helped us raise over $100,000. That's amazing! And now, for us, the big work starts...though you might be interested in how we're tackling it this year...

Geeks Doing Good 2018 is here!

Our annual Geeks Doing Good fundraiser has dropped a bunch of awesome new merchandise from Bitch Planet, Kevin Hearne, Pat Rothfuss, Mary Robinette Kowal, Jim Butcher, and more!

International Tabletop Day…literally winning games!

Join us for a fundraiser celebrating International Tabletop Day! Lay Waste Games has a bunch of awesome games donated by a bunch of amazing game companies, and they decided to raffle them off to raise money for Worldbuilders! Is your game shelf lonely?