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Operation Bookdrop2020

In response to the authorities recommendation for social distancing as a measure to try and slow the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, Worldbuilders has provided free books to encourage people to STAY HOME and READ. Sign up to get on the waiting list for the next wave of books, or donate!

Sad News about Worldbuilders at ECCC 2020

Dear friends, This is Zay, the assistant director of Worldbuilders (I'm the one dancing with a pirate). This year we will not be hosting the Worldbuilders at #ECCC2020. You can read more, but TL:DR, our event coordinator, Jenny, found her dream job! We wish her well, and here's what we're working towards now:

Thank you for an amazing fundraiser!!

Our 2019 Fundraiser for Heifer International is over, and it seems like we just launched it yesterday! That's what happens when you have this much fun, we suppose. If you want to read a little bit about it, we'll try to keep the gushing thanks to a minimum.

Now we know everyone is secure!

We have raised over $800,000 for Heifer International, which means all the participants in their Women Farmers program have reached the point where they aren't just better off, they will stay that way. They're self-sufficient, their crops, animals, and most importantly, their families, are all thriving, as they look forward to a brighter future!

Worldbuilders Afterparty!

We have so much fun during the fundraiser that we don't want it to end, so how about we take this party next door? Join Pat on his Twitch stream today from noon CT to midnight PT while he shares stories, talks with guests, and is generally entertaining. All donations (and lottery entries) are still accepted throughout the stream!

$600,000: What’s better than a goat? More goats!

We've raised $600,000 for Heifer International! At this stage in the Women Farmers program, participants have their gifts from Heifer and are starting to see real growth: goats are giving birth, crops are flourishing, and their plan for a much brighter future is coming together!

Half. A Million. Dollars, y’all.

We've officially reached our goal of $500,000, but that doesn't mean we're done yet! Let's check back with Renuka Begum to see what she did when her program hit this milestone. Spoiler: It involves a heifer!