Something to Look Forward to: SFF Podcasting, Oot & Cutie, & a GALACTIC TELETHON!

11am on

Today on 11ses, we’re diving deep into geek podcasts! Join an award-winning panel of podcasters at 11AM CT on as part of our #S2LF2 end-of-year fundraiser for Heifer International!

1-4pm on

Pat’s been doing amazing things on his streams, from great panels like yesterday’s “Creating Magic Systems” with Casey Lucas & K. Arsenault Rivera to teaching Minecraft strategies to talking about Heifer’s great work to…well, let’s just say he’s like a box of chocolates, because you’re never sure what you’re gonna get – but it’s probably going to be sweet!

6-8pm CT on

Join the crew from Galactic Journey to travel back to 1965 – when Heifer International was 21 years old – for an old-school telethon with live performances by Marian Call, Acacia Weber, Lorelei Marcus, Ms. Behavin’,  and others (including Patrick Rothfuss himself!) Hosted by Gideon Marcus and Dana Pellebon, this will be two hours of fun, music, and silliness all to raise money for an organization that has truly stood the test of time.