Starting the 2nd Week of the Worldbuilders 2020 Fundraiser!

As we begin the second week of the Worldbuilders fundraiser

…we’re breaking through stretch goals all over the place! That means there are more videos for you to enjoy, including by Sarah Donner, Marian Call, and the Doubleclicks.

There are also many prizes available on various team pages, so be sure to check them out – any donation there not only qualifies you for the team prizes, but also for our Big Prize Draw!

Meanwhile, streaming today:

Dec. 8 at 11am CT on

Join Jennifer Kretchmer, Casey Lucas-Quaid, & Malka Older Ph.D. talking about Creativity, Capitalism, & Connecting in SFF.  With “fan fiction” & crowdfunding established as viable gateways to professional publishing or game design, how do sites how do sites such as An Archive of Our Own and others create a different kind of value and network for SFF writers to explore?

1-4pm CT on

Pat’s daily stream during the fundraiser. Will he talk about writing? Play minecraft? Show us more cool videos? The only way to know is to come and see for yourself!

6pm CT on

B.Dave Walters will be helping walk Pat Rothfuss through making a Dungeons & Dragons 5E character! Enjoy these two personalities digging deep into this beloved game all for the benefit of Heifer International!