Worldbuilders Fundraiser Goes Over $600K! Matching Money is Back, Doubling Your Donation!

Streaming on Worldbuilders today: Dealing with 2020, Pat Rothfuss, and Self-Care!

As we begin week 2 of our fundraiser for Heifer International, we are all about how members of the geek community made it this far:

11am CT: “”How I Dealt with the Total Sh*tshow That Was 2020” – a panel where authors talk about how they made it this far – coping mechanisms, lucky breaks, gritty resolutions that help survive this year? Today at 11CT on!”

1-4pm CT: The mellifluous voice and eloquent brain of Pat Rothfuss streams on his own streaming channel!

7pm CT: “Self-Care for Worldbuilders Staff & Other Grown-Up Types.” Join Zay, Gray, and Beth as they talk about various ways they enjoy some more epicurean vices to ease stress during 2020. Join with your own favorite “guilty pleasure” as we hang out on and discuss bourbon, cigars, cooking, and more!

Be sure to check out our Stretch Goals that we’ve made – Hank Green’s Tik Tok Dance is the next goal at $700k, and thanks to the matching money from Heifer International, we’re well on the way!

Donate! Win! Change the World!