2020 Prize Draw

Here’s how it will work.

Say you donate 120 dollars, which might be used in coordination with Heifer International to get a nice family a new goat:

Worldbuilders Nepal

Your name would go into the prize draw 12 times. Then, if we draw your name out of the hat for a signed book, your name is still in there 11 more times for the rest of the stuff we give away.

That means you could, conceivably, win 12 prizes.

This is a big image. It’s some of the books that we have available for the prize draw – more than 2000 total, some signed, some rare Advance Reader Copies, some both!

Wondering why there’s more than one image of a book? That’s because we have MORE than one copy of that one to give away!

Plus we have board games, chain mail armor, D&D Apothecary items, and more geeky stuff!

note: these images are automatically generated, and may not exactly match the book you get!

Remember that every $10 gets you another entry in the prize draw, so click to donate now!