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A Volunteer Story from #GeeksDoingGood

Hello!  My name is Karl Thornton, and I was a volunteer for this year’s #GeeksDoingGood capacity fundraiser. About a month ago I’d been struggling (along with everyone else recovering from the past year) and the person I was talking to recommended volunteering to get more active and out of my head.

Here We Go! #GDG21 is LIVE!

Geeks Doing Good Fundraiser June 21-28 2021 with streaming events, special deals, and new merchandise! Visit for updates and new products every day!

The Pre-GDG Jitters

What's it like at Worldbuilders a week before the second-biggest fundraiser of the year? Come get a peek under the hood...

The Stardust ARC: Back for More!

There's a very special book, with a very special story. Not just the story that's within its pages (though, that story is highly recommended), but the story surrounding the book, how it came to be part of the Worldbuilders fundraiser, and how many lives it has touched in the past decade. Are you ready for the story of a book?