Here We Go! #GDG21 is LIVE!

Geeks Doing Good 2021 Fundraiser is a GO!

We’ve been working on this for months. The staff of Worldbuilders, months ago, started coming up with ideas – “unicorns”, we called them – for new merchandise and special bundles and neat streaming events to bring out during this week.

We had well over a hundred unicorns, folks. A beautiful herd with glitter coming out of their – ahem, horns, prancing amongst the rainbow fields of our imaginations.

The thing is, we were herding them towards¬†this day. Time is inexorable and cruel, and it kills unicorns, due to a variety of factors – not cost-effective, too destructive to the environment, not timely, or sometimes just plain “not as good an idea as we thought when we had it.”

Still, we tried, desperately, for as long as we could, for as many as we could, to keep the unicorns alive.

Not all of them made it.

The chocolate tak pieces fell by the wayside. The “World’s 2nd Best Dad” mug got scrapped. Through a tangle of licensing issues that was no one’s fault but still significant, the travel-tak set (engraved, no less) also had to be postponed, along with the beautiful little “F*CKIT B*CKIT” waste bin that David thought up.

Some of these might come back later. Unicorns never really die, they just go out to the sea for a while (yes, I’m a Peter S. Beagle fan).

The #GDG21 Showcase is a Beautiful Thing

What we ended up with, though, as Pat starts us off with his 12-hour marathon stream, is a bunch of stuff we’re REALLY proud of. Like

  • rocks glasses to complement the McAnally’s and Eolian mugs that have been so popular in our store for so long.
  • A special “Max Overacts” bundle with a signed & remarqued book plate and exclusive new print along with both volumes of this great comic by Caanan Graal.
  • Jamie Dillion, like most of the rest of the Worldbuilders staff, is a notebook nerd, and she created a “washi-tape” set based on the Kingkiller imagery. #WANT
  • The artist Tess Fowler, who has done work for Netflix, D&D, and is a collaborator with B. Dave Walters, is donating two custom commissions based on the purchasers OC.
  • Our friends at True Dungeon have donated a 10-ticket Ultimate Bundle for their virtual Ashwind Abbey adventure on July 16-18.

And it’s almost silly to say “and more!” because¬†of course there’s more. We’ll be updating the site with new items every morning at 9:30am Central. And we’ll have streaming events every day (central time):

  • The return of “11ses at Worldbuilders” with Gray at 11am every day
  • Pat Rothfuss streaming every weekday from 2-4pm
  • D&D games on Friday and Sunday
  • Evening streams including guests like Brandon Sanderson, Luis Scott-Vargas, Mike Martinez, Jeffe Kennedy, Midori, and of course Pat Rothfuss himself!

Calendar of events for geeks doing good fundraiser