AFTERPARTY 2020! join us as we celebrate a wildly successful fundraiser!

All of you wonderful geeks showed up and helped put together a GIANT bundle of change-the-world money for Heifer International. We raised over one million dollars between the auction and the fundraiser – making this the second-most-successful event in Worldbuilders History! So now it’s time to celebrate!

Going Out the Way We Came In: 14 hours of Streaming Fun!

We’re going to be kicking things off on Worldbuilders twitch stream at 11am today (Wednesday Dec. 16th) with a look back at the panels, whimsy videos, cool auction items and more, while relaxing in our Official Office Onesies.

At noon, grab a sandwich and join the whole Worldbuilders Team & Friends for our Zoom Luncheon. This is a regular part of how our team stays connected during the pandemic, and this time you’re invited into the chat as well!

The “Among Us!” game last week was so popular we’re bringing it back from 1-2pm CST, this time with a wider cast of characters! If you’re interested in playing, let us know, but in the meantime, enjoy watching us all plot, do chores, and occasionally eject the wrong person from the ship.

At 2pm CST we’re turning the Twitch Channel into an “Open Space” where our guests from the prior two weeks are welcome to pop in and say hi! We have no idea who will or won’t show up, but we’re going to leave room for deeper conversations, questions you thought of after the fact, or just talking about new things with interesting people.

Then at 4pm CST Pat Rothfuss fires up his channel, and we’ll all go raid it as he keeps the AfterParty going!

Still want to be in the prize draw?

There’s some pretty amazing stuff there…and we happen to know that our intern Gary, who’s in charge of turning off the Donation Button, will be too busy AfterPartyin’ to actually shut down things – and that means you can still donate and get more chances to win in the prize draw!

The AfterParty goes until 2am CST on December 17th, so that’s how long you have to tell your friends, family, and anyone else that they can still “Donate. Win. and Change the World!