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Geek shopping made better!

We develop and sell a bunch of awesome merchandise for the Kingkiller Chronicle, the Iron Druid Chronicles, and more! Our online store is what allows us to keep the lights on and do cool stuff. And we're making it better!

We did a construction!

When we moved into our new office, we had to have a few renovations done to get it up to code. There was one renovation Maria wanted to do that wasn't in the budget, so she decided that we would do it ourselves. And she wouldn't take no for an answer.

Let’s talk Emerald City!

This past weekend at Emerald City Comic Con was a whirlwind of awesome! The Worldbuilders Party was loads of fun, our new booth display got a bunch of compliments (thank you!!), and we sold out of almost everything we brought. Thank you everyone who joined us!

Let Con Season Commence!

Lottery prize fulfillment is done, so that means it's con season! We'll have a swanky booth set up at the Emerald City Comic Con Artist Alley this weekend, so if you want to see all the cool stuff and chat with Rachel, Anne, and Maria, definitely visit them at KK1!

Emerald City Comic Con is next week!

We had so much fun last year at the Emerald City Comic Con that we’re back again! We’ll have a booth full of cool Tinker’s Packs stuff, and we’re hosting an awesome gaming party on Friday.

More lottery fulfillment news & the Humble Book Bundle!

Fulfillment is chugging along, a bunch of packages have already been sent (and received!), and there are still so many more to go. We'll have an update and a time estimate in today's blog, along with some ECCC news and a cool announcement that we totally just spoiled in the header. Oops.

Fundraiser fulfillment has begun!

All lottery items for international winners have shipped, and we've started on domestic winners. It's going to be a while, but if you'd like a peek behind the curtain, this is the blog for you!