#S2LF2 Day 2: “Spooling Up Your Hope Engines” & “Geeks Talk Polyamory”

$237K on Day One of the Worldbuilders Fundraiser!

We are in awe of the way you all showed up for the start of our fundraiser – Pat Rothfuss did a marathon stream of fourteen hours including guests such as Terry Brooks, SHAED, Marian Call, & Vi Hart (among others). With the help of matching funds from the Humble Bundle Community, we hit $200K within the first eleven hours – and were rewarded with the news that that same community wanted to see us do it again! That’s right, we have another $100,000 in matching funds right now, so when you donate your money goes twice as far!

Pat Rothfuss has committed to streaming every day for the rest of the fundraiser, from 1-4PM CT on his twitch channel. Meanwhile, on twitch.tv/worldbuilders today we have two panels about hope and love in a dark time:

“Spooling Up Your Hope Engines”

A panel with authors Nghi Vo, Vida Cruz, Nandi Taylor, & S.B. Divya

When we are daily being ground down for a year, how do we find the fuel to kindle hope that things can get better? Can scifi/fantasy help us do that? Join a panel of authors as we look for hope in dark times with Worldbuilders.


“Geeks Talk Polyamory”

A panel with Ruby Bouie Johnson LCSW, Carise Rotach-Beard MA, LMFT, and podcasters CunningMinx & LustyGuy from Polyamory Weekly

Polyamory has been defined as “romantic relationships between multiple partners with the full knowledge and support of everyone involved.” Along with being a part of many geeks’ lives, it also has been portrayed – in a wide variety of ways – in SFF. Join these geeky polyamory experts, moderated by Worldbuilders’ own Jamie Dillion, as they discuss how this type of relationship works and how it relates to the geek community.


More Panels, Games, Prizes and Auction Items to Come!

Be sure to check out our auction – one-of-a-kind and rare geek treasures are there waiting for your bid. You might also enjoy looking at our YouTube channel, where several stretch goals have unlocked “Acts of Whimsy” that are a joy to watch.