#S2LF2 Day 4 Breaks $400K!

Thanks, Humble Bundle Community, for getting us almost all the way there!

As we come into day 4 of the fundraiser, we have broken through $400,000! This is thanks to your amazingly generous donations – in some cases, matched by employers!

We’re also deep into the Auction, with some rare and one-of-a-kind items in exciting bidding wars, all for the benefit of Heifer International.

The Worldbuilders Auction has rare items to benefit Heifer International - like a Neal Gaiman signed typewriter.

Of course, you don’t have to bid to win stuff. We have our Prize Draw with a chance for every $10 you donate – and, in addition, special prizes available from various team pages!

Our ”Read & Critique” team page in particular saw some love after yesterday’s I’ve NaNoWriMoed; Now What? panel. Vida Cruz, in particular laid down some stellar advice for those who hope to win one of the many Read & Critique prizes donated by authors:

“Detach from your manuscript! You are not your work!”


Speaking of Something to Look Forward to – Anthony Rapp comes to Worldbuilders today!11ses at Worldbuilders hosts Star Trek & Optimistic SFF panel including Anthony Rapp

The theme of this fundraiser is to give everyone – whether you can donate or not – moments of delight and joy against the literal darkest time of the year. Today we bring you a panel about a series that has brought hope to millions for over 50 years: Star Trek!

Our panelists include authors Martha Wells and Benjamin C. Kinney, performer and Worldbuilders board member Dana Pellebon, and podcaster Sarah Gulde of Women at Warp. They will also welcome Anthony Rapp, who plays Commander Stamets on the currently running Star Trek: Discovery series.


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