Sarah Donner’s “When We Can Touch” Released!

Our $350,000 Stretch Goal Achieved!

Part of “Something to Look Forward to” Worldbuilders 2020 Fundraiser

Longtime Friend of Worldbuilders Sarah Donner shared her new song Рparticularly relevant to finding joy during a pandemic Рas a stretch goal with us here at Worldbuilders, and you all took her up on it!

Sarah is a singer/songwriter/creative type whose music has been featured on Conan O’Brien’s blog, NPR, Buzzfeed, Showtime, and The Oatmeal. Sarah has a rotating army of foster kittens.

She wields their power for the good of the internet on the Club Smoosh Kitten Cam. For funsies, Sarah teaches music lessons, paints portraits, and sings in a rad band called Kittens Slay Dragons.

She looks forward to hugs, weekly family Taco Tuesday, and driving I-95.

You can get this song on Bandcamp!