Weird Jobs, Accessibility & DnD on the Last Monday of our 2020 Fundraiser!

We surpassed last year’s fundraising!

Thank you all so much for helping us reach and surpass our goal. This is now officially the second highest Worldbuilders fundraiser EVER!

Today we have even more to look forward to:

@11ses: No Sh*t, There I Was: Weird Jobs I Have Had

@ 1pm CST: Pat Rothfuss Streaming, and @6pm CST, a panel on Accessibility!

In case you missed it, Pat’s been having some amazing guests on his stream – such as the astonishing SL Huang yesterday (seriously, go back to Pat’s twitch channel to watch). Along with his usual streaming today he’s calling together a special panel of guests to talk about accessibility.

@9pm CST: Fenway Jones Worldbuilders Charity D&D Game!