Introducing the Worldbuilders Architects Sustainable Giving Program

This team is a new program we’re launching in a day or two. But for those of you who want a teaser, here it is:

By now, you know what we do here at Worldbuilders. Simply said, we want to make the world a better place.

But if we’re going to continue to change and grow and do all the things we *want* to do, we need your help.

Right now, Worldbuilders keeps the lights on through independent donations and sales through our online store. But that income can be… inconsistent.

Sometimes frighteningly and wildly so, especially with covid and disruptions to the supply chains.

Here at Worldbuilders, we’re big into Hope. It’s one of our key values. Hope is great…you really shouldn’t really base a budget on it.

Ultimately, Worldbuilders wants to grow, adapt, refine itself. But that takes money. We want to focus more on big, bold, beautiful plans. That would be way easier if we had a more reliable source of income, and had to worry less on making new t-shirts to sell so we can keep the lights on.

Enter the Worldbuilders Architects.

We’re asking Worldbuilders fans to commit to a monthly donation. Not to Heifer or Mercy Corps, but to Worldbuilders itself. This will help make Worldbuilders more sustainable and self-reliant. (It’s kinda like a Patreon.)

So. On this page, if you donate and mark it as a recurring donation, you’ll become one of the Worldbuilders Architects.

Our donation tiers are $5, $10, $25, and $100.

People who jump in right now will be our founding architects. There will be various perks and incentives attached to each level:

But perks aside, by donating here, you know that you’re an essential part of Worldbuilders continuing to do what we do and do it better.

You’ll be helping us to build a better Worldbuilders, so that we can keep building a better world.

If that sounds good to you, jump on in…