Our 2021 Heifer International Fundraiser Kicks Off November 30th!

It’s time to build a better world. The core mission for Worldbuilders – the event that started it all – was when Patrick Rothfuss decided to hold a fundraiser for his mom’s favorite charity, Heifer International.

That first one almost bankrupted him. But in the years since, he and the the Worldbuilders community have raised over $10 million during the annual end-of-year fundraiser.

Here’s Why the End of Year Fundraiser is Awesome.

Worldbuilders works with Heifer International to help communities and families around the globe long-term, sustainable solutions to the challenges they face. What we like about Heifer is that it doesn’t just give a family a goat – they first do the work to find out if a goat is what the family needs, and then provide the education and infrastructure to support long-term change.

Your End-of-Year donation also helps do things like

  • send kids to school
  • support community recovery from the pandemic
  • provide clean water for a whole community
  • help women get the education and supplies they need to start a business in areas where they aren’t traditionally allowed to make their own decisions.

Oh, and there’s something in it for you, too.

Books, ARCs, Signed Books, Signed ARCs…

As always, every $10 you donate through our donation page (or any of the teams) gets you a ticket in the hat prize drawings. What prizes, you ask? We’ve gotten donations from many sponsors, including:

  • John Scalzi
  • Avalon Hill
  • Penguin
  • Awesome Socks Club
  • Wizards of the Coast
  • Underthing Press
  • Lightweaver Foundation (Brandon Sanderson’s charity)

There are literally thousands of things you can win, some rare, some silly, but all delightful.

Bid on Unique Items in Our Auction!

We also will be running our yearly auction, with special one-of-a-kind items such as:

  • Hand-sewn quilts from Tracy Rucka and Hunters Design Studio
  • A fine-wood Tak set created by Aaron Schmersal
  • Leather-bound editions of Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings
  • All three books in The Green Bone Saga signed by Fonda Lee
  • Unique Read & Critique opportunities from established authors & industry professionals like Charlaine Harris, Jeffe Kennedy, Sara Megibow, and more!

Not to mention special items from Pat Rothfuss’ personal vault. We expect bidding to be fiercely philanthropic and fun!

Tracy shows off the amazing Star Trek quilt she donated for our auction!

Tune in for special streaming events:

Every year our fundraiser starts with a marathon stream by our founder, Pat Rothfuss, starting at noon CST on Giving Tuesday, November 30th (see what we did there?). Pat will also be hosting a chat with some of the Heifer International staff who do the work we so deeply believe in.

We also are welcoming bay B. Dave Walters to DM a special D&D adventure, The Jealous Queen of Heaven. Playing this epic session will be:

  • Saige Ryan
  • Aabria Iyengar
  • Harli Kane
  • Jim Zub
  • Brennan Lee Mulligan

And at the very end of the event, December 14th, another D&D celebrity game will be run by Noah Averbach-Katz (from Star Trek Discovery) and include Bonnie Gordon (Star Trek Prodigy), Eric Cambell (Streampunks), & Kailey Bray (Damsels, Dice, & Everything Nice) among others.

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Everything kicks off November 30th, 2021 at 12pm CST on twitch.tv/PatrickRothfuss.

We’ve got great stuff planned, but there’s even more awesome in the works – spread the word, and be ready to help Build a Better World with Heifer International and Worldbuilders!