Wow. We really don’t know what to say.

A quick note amidst all the running around here at Worldbuilders headquarters.

You guys have absolutely knocked it out of the park. When we started this year’s fundraiser, we were pretty sure we’d beat last year’s goal. We just weren’t sure by how much. As launch day approached at the end of November, Maria said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we made half a million dollars?”

We all nodded: it really would be cool. But we’d never make it.

Thank you all so much for proving us wrong. We promise we will never doubt you again!

Pat has just announced that we’ll be extending the fundraiser through Tuesday, February 4th at 11:59 pm PST. But that’s it–then we need to start crunching numbers, and you guys have given us the crunchiest numbers ever.

Okay. We have to get back to work, but one more time: Thank you all. You’re the best supporters a little charity could ever wish for.