Lottery drawing is on the horizon…

As we get ready to pull lottery prizes, the final donation total is in from Heifer International: $678,229.31. If all of that went to buying heifers alone (at $500 per heifer), that’s a herd of 1,356 cows. Congratulations everyone–you have officially stampeded the 2013 Worldbuilders fundraiser!

So for the next few weeks we’ll be pulling lottery prizes, packing them up and sending them out. We don’t generally notify winners unless they’ve won something particularly awesome, like the Stardust ARC, because that would be a logistical nightmare. Instead, start keeping an eye on your mailbox in the next month or so, and see if a casually nondescript box appears.

If your address has changed, or you have anything else we need to know, you can always email us via the Contact Form, or directly to

Thank you guys so much for blowing the fundraiser out of the water. We’ve always known that our supporters are the coolest people in the world, but you’ve really proved it this year.