It’s almost here…

Okay. The fundraiser officially starts on Monday. Are you ready? Are WE ready?

Oh, we are SO ready. We’ll be trying a few new things this year. There will be a loose schedule, as follows:

Monday: New post on Pat’s blog, with the week’s auctions launching at 7pm CST (because that’s our time zone).
Tuesday: A new post here on the Worldbuilders site.
Wednesday: Sometimes another post on Pat’s blog, but not always.
Thursday: A new post here! Yay!
Friday: Yet another post on Pat’s blog.
Saturday: Day of rest. We’ll probably need it.
Sunday: Auctions end at 7pm CST.

And we will do our best to follow that schedule.

Pat received a few comments last year about how long his blog posts were getting, with him showcasing all the cool books our donors have sent in. We’ve decided to try something a little different this year, to avoid putting people to sleep. His blog will showcase a few of the standout donations from our various sponsors, like DAWSubterranean Press, and Prime Books. But since our sponsors are way more awesome than what he can list on the blog, we’ll have the full list on our Lottery page. Since Pat’s idea of standout prizes might differ from yours, please check the Lottery page to see all of the cool stuff we’ll be sending out to lucky donors when we wrap up in February.

That’s another thing–we run through February 2nd, 2014, and then that’s it. We know it seems like a long time away, but it’ll be here before you know it. Between now and then, we have a roller coaster to ride. Please keep your arms inside the car at all times, but feel free to shout “WOOO!”

Finally, tell your friends! Our Facebook and Twitter accounts are more active than ever now. Give us a little Facebook love, let us be a part of your Twitter feed, re-post, share, and re-tweet our updates. One of your friends might want a shot at a Subterranean Press book they missed at launch, or a signed ARC of Stardust, and if you’re the one who points them in the right direction, you will be their favorite friend and they may bake you cookies.

And in case we forget to say it later: Thanks for supporting Worldbuilders!