We’re off to a roaring start!

Hi! As we near the end of our first week of the 2013 Fundraiser, we felt we should share something exciting with you guys: this is the strongest start our fundraiser has ever had. We’re raising about $8,000 a day so far, which is $2,200 more per day than last year.

You guys are awesome!

Of course, that means we’ve reached our first stretch goal and Myke Cole gets a haircut. Peter Brett will be visiting Myke with a barber’s kit and a video camera this weekend, and we’ll post the video next week, right here. Peter and Myke are both great guys and very fun, so we’re sure their video will not disappoint. The way things are going, we’ll probably have a new Paul & Storm recording to share very soon….

A few of you may have noticed a few bumps along the road this year, and we’d like to apologize for that. So much has changed behind the scenes that we’re still feeling our way forward. The ride will smooth out in the coming weeks, and you’ll see fewer broken links and better blog/news/auction timing.

Here’s where we are now: Pat’s blog will update Mondays and Fridays (and most Wednesdays), and auctions will go up on Thursday evenings at 7pm CST (5pm eBay time). We’re spacing out the auctions by a minute or two so if you don’t win one, you have a chance to see what else is on the block. Keep in mind that sometimes an auciton will launch on Thursday that Pat might not mention until the following Monday, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on our eBay seller’s page. Auctions will run for 10 days and end on Sunday evenings.

As we reach stretch goals, Pat will mention them in his blog and link right back here.

So if you’re quick, and you bookmark our News page here, you might be one of the first people to see ’em. A couple of you have pointed out that at $100,000, our posted goal isn’t that impressive. The big reason for that is, again, the stretch goals. We’re holding to a schedule of one goal every $25,000, and $100,000 is 4 stretch goals. Once we make that first $100,000 goal, we’ll set it for the next four ($200,000) and keep going. If we make it to $500,000, there’s an insanely cool stretch goal in the works. But you didn’t hear it from us…

Finally, as we head into the weekend, we want to thank you guys again and again for your support. It’s because of you we’ve had such a fantastic start to this year’s fundraiser. So while Maria does the Happy Dance here at Worldbuilders, thank you thank you thank you!

And in case we forget to say it later: Thanks for supporting Worldbuilders!

–The Worldbuilders Team