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IndieGoGo Update #1: HOLY CRAP

Holy crap, you guys! The whole team has been at our computers, frantically refreshing the IndieGoGo page (and buying perks for ourselves) since we launched, and we're amazed by what y'all have accomplished.

IndieGoGo Campaign: It’s ON!

Our IndieGoGo campaign is live through July 14th! Head over there and see what sort of cool stuff we have on offer.

Prime Books, lottery stragglers and the store.

Hi! So last week we received our first big shipment for the 2014 fundraiser from one of our long-time sponsors, Prime Books. These guys sent us some awesome books, as usual.

Domestic winners are away!

Some of you guys already have your lottery prizes--thanks for posting them on our Facebook page! It's so cool to see your smiling faces.

Lottery draw is done!

It's official--we've randomly matched names and lottery prizes, bundled stuff together and even started packing things!

Lottery drawing is on the horizon…

As we get ready to pull lottery prizes, the final donation total is in from Heifer International: $678,229.31. If all of that went to buying heifers alone (at $500 per heifer), that's a herd of 1,356 cows.