Prime Books, lottery stragglers and the store.

Hi! So last week we received our first big shipment for the 2014 fundraiser from one of our long-time sponsors, Prime Books. These guys sent us some awesome books, as usual. Their books range from novels to themed short story compilations of all genres, always featuring some awesome talent (you might have heard of a few of their featured authors–Neil Gaiman, Jim Butcher, Ursula K. Le Guin…). Whenever Prime sends in a donation, we know we’re in for a treat. And this year they did not disappoint.

They were so generous this year that we had to improvise a back-saving procedure for getting the books unloaded and safely on shelves in our climate-controlled storeroom.

Once the Prime shipment was unloaded and catalogued, it was back to the 2013 lottery. Thanks (again!) to everybody who donated this year. We’re busy coordinating with UPS on how best to ship out the foreign winners’ spoils, and those should be out the door by the end of next week. Then that’s a wrap for 2013, and we immediately start planning 2014.

One of the big plans for 2014 is stepping up our offerings in the Tinker’s Packs online store. We have a store–did you know that? Everything we sell in the Tinker’s Packs comes right back to support Worldbuilders. It’s like recycling, but with way more books, games, jewelry, posters and tee-shirts.

We’ll be working on the Tinker’s Packs this year, trying to get some exciting new products in (from Pat and other authors and creators), and working to make your shopping experience a little smoother. Keep an eye out in upcoming months, as we hope to do more than a little streamlining.

That’s it for now. Thanks everyone!