We’ve blown by five stretch goals!

You guys are fantastic!

Thanks to your roaring support, we have unlocked the first five stretch goals–that’s over $125,00.00 raised in the first three weeks.  So we’ve posted the unlocked stretch goals so far–the only one missing is Brandon Sanderson’s online writing marathon, which will actually take place in January, since that’s what his schedule allows.  Brandon explains the details in his blog, so please head over there and have a read.

So we actually have a game plan–we know, right?  The critique and tuckerization auctions will be ending this Sunday, December 22nd, along with a few signed books.  On Sunday the 29th, another batch of cool book auctions will also end, and after that we’re going to cool it on the auctions a little (we just won’t have as many running at once). That way we can concentrate on getting more cool stuff in the lottery. We have a ton of stuff coming in from our sponsors even now.

Thank you for all your support, encouragement and enthusiasm. It really helps the four of us keep our energy level up as we unbox, sort, photograph, and write about all this cool stuff!

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to check out the stretch goals! You all made them happen!