Geeks Doing Good.

So many fulfillment!

Happy new year everyone!

We're still pumped about the final fundraiser total, and we will be for a while. And we're going to keep saying thank you because we can't believe how crazy generous you all are.

There's a bunch of work still to be done, so we figured we'd share with you guys some of the stuff we'll be up to for a while.

The Big Announcement: We're helping with the Tak Kickstarter fulfillment! Planning is underway, and we're starting to get some of the rewards for the packages we'll be sending out (if you're curious, it was -6 degrees Fahrenheit (-21 C) when we were unloading). Now, a lot of you guys preordered Tak supplies through The Tinker's Packs, and we'll have enough to go around. But the folks who backed the Kickstarter were first in line, so we'll be starting fulfillment in the next week or two. After all the Kickstarter rewards are in the mail, we'll be sending out the preorders, and once those are done, Tak will go live in our store! Yay!

The Other Big Announcement: Once we've finished processing all the donations data (there's a lot of data!), we'll start the Lottery pull. So you still have some time to contact us with any address changes. If you donated via PayPal, please make sure the address they have on file for you is correct, because that's the address we received. If you'll be moving sometime in the next month or so, please let us know your new address and when you'll be there. We'll be finalizing our lottery draw list soon, and we'll keep you posted.

The Not So Big Announcement: Once we're all done sending out Tak rewards and preorders, and when the last of the Lottery prizes is out the door, we're moving! By the end of summer, we should be in our new physical location that has such features as more space, real offices, and a bona fide loading dock! Remember when we had to set up a ramp to get stuff into our current storage area? The ramp has been retired now that we have enough people to bucket-brigade all the boxes. But we always dreamed of a day when we wouldn't have to break down and reassemble every pallet of store product or donations we receive. That dream should be a reality before next year's fundraiser!

We're excited, but it's a not-so-big announcement because it only affects the ten of us for now. The extra space (and loading dock!) will streamline our operation quite a bit, though, which will allow us to accomplish more throughout the year. We can't wait!

More updates as they happen, and in the mean time, we hope everyone has the best 2017 ever!