Geeks Doing Good.

SO MANY books and games!

Four days, $85,000 doubled by matching funds, for a total of over $170,000 raised for Heifer International! Thank you all so much for joining us and pitching in!

Bunny hugs for everyone!!

We’ve been seeing a lot of you guys sharing the fundraiser on Facebook and Twitter and it warms our hearts. Please keep doing that. We’re pretty sure the signal boost is what’s bringing folks in who otherwise might have missed it. Maria was running numbers yesterday, and this year we’ve raised more than we had last year at the time, even without matching funds! That’s totally due to you guys and your generosity and enthusiasm. We can never thank you enough.

If you want to share an image, we have one!

In the last two days, we’ve added a truly ridiculous number of books and games to the Lottery Library.

As always, our authors really outdid themselves this year and sent us more books than we could show off at head over and check out the first round of author-donated books! There are some auctions in there, but most of these books are going right into the lottery, where a $10 donations gets you the chance to win.

And if a good game is more your thing, we have you covered there too! Cheapass Games came in as always with a pile of games. We’re also trying something new this year: game download codes! Trion Worlds came in with 150 game codes, available to anyone who chooses games as the type of prize they’d like to win.

That’s what’s been happening over the last few days. What do we have coming up? Let’s see. Y’all have unlocked our first stretch goal, which is a Big Reveal of Pat’s redesigned website. You may see a flickering on the horizon this weekend, but you'll hear plenty more about it from Pat next week, when he’ll expound upon its virtues and general coolness in his blog. Join us to check out all its majesty!

 While we’re talking about stretch goals, we’re $50,000 away from unlocking the next. Heifer International saw that and sent us their stretch goal for the $200,000 mark, and you will NOT be disappointed. We want to say more, but a) we don’t want to spoil it and b) we can barely see the computer screen because we’re tearing up a little. Brett used the word “epic,” but we’ll let you decide.

Okay, that’s it for today, because we want to go back and watch that thermometer total climb. The best part of this job is being reminded how awesome people can be, and you guys are the awesomest!

--The Worldbuilders Team