Geeks Doing Good.

Shiny Things from Pat Rothfuss

Over the weekend, the fundraiser passed $300,000, meaning we've unlocked our third stretch goal: the Worldbuilders Team doing our best happy dances! 


We are so happy here at Worldbuilders HQ with how well the fundraiser is going - at any given moment, someone is probably doing one of these happy dances at their desk or the packaging table. Thank you, all of you, for helping to make this our best fundraiser launch yet! We're just going to keep doing these happy dances until someone makes us stop.

Oh, and do you know what else makes us do a happy dance? AWESOME DONATIONS.

As usual, Pat has thrown a bunch of donations at the fundraiser this year, and we have a nice mix of lottery and auction items. You can view them all in the lottery library, or read what Pat has to say about all his donations, but there are some particularly shiny things we want to talk about.

Some of you might know about the famed Gold Name Rings: a 10 karat gold ring inscribed with the spell-word Rothfuss that, if given back to the man himself, is exchangeable for one (1) fairly open-ended favor. The possibilities are kind of endless, but Pat does reserve the right to negotiate a bit on this favor, based on legal or ethical reasons.

One of these rings is going up for auction, but another one is going into the lottery, where anyone can win it!

We also have another shiny thing making its debut this fundraiser: the Silver Name Ring.

Think of this as a smaller, more specific favor. If you find yourself in the same place at the same time as Pat (say, at a convention), he'll make some time in his schedule for you. You can trade in your silver ring to get coffee, play a game, hang out - some sort of meaningful interaction with Pat. There are three of these, and they're all going right into the lottery.

That's all for today, folks. Tomorrow, we'll be throwing a bunch of books into the lottery, and later this week we'll be debuting a new event that's sure to generate a lot of excitement. So stay tuned, because this fundraiser is just getting started.