Geeks Doing Good.

Books from The Signed Page, DreamHaven, and Titan Books

Today is a day all about books!

We're getting close to our $400,000 stretch goal, where agent Seth Fishman will host a live Q&A on how to get an agent. (This stretch goal, by the way, pairs very nicely with the WriMos for Worldbuilders page - get the chance to win a professional manuscript critique, and know how to shop your book around to agents afterwards!)

We're also getting steadily closer to our $1,000,000 stretch goal, where Neil Gaiman will read the book most selected by our donors. 

Right now, The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe has the lead, but Where the Wild Things Are isn't too far behind... Voting will close once the fundraiser hits a million dollars, so if you want to help decide what Neil will read to us, vote with your dollars! You can make your selection when you checkout on the donation page.

 Today, we added a ton of books to the lottery from some of our awesome sponsors. If you - like us - love to read, then all the new additions should make you just as giddy as they make us!

First up, The Signed Page sent over a selection of signed books - make sure to check them all out! Some are going up for auction, while others are going into the lottery for anyone to win. These are all beautiful hardcover books, sure to look awesome on any bookshelf. Plus, there's also an auction for a DVD set of the first season of The Shannara Chronicles, signed by Terry Brooks himself!

The wonderful folks at DreamHaven were especially awesome this year: the drove over to hand-deliver their donation, meaning they got to see their books start to fill up the donation wall! They brought us almost 800 books, and most of them got added to the Lottery Library today, but there are some we're holding onto the feature later in the stay tuned!

Also, speaking of the donation wall?


Titan Books is a new sponsor this year, and they're starting with a bang! They sent us over a ton of books that span the geek spectrum, meaning there's bound to be something in their donations that will make any nerd drool. We put a few up for auction, but most of their donation is going right into the lottery. Check out their full donation - $10 from you means a chance to win these beautiful books!

Tomorrow, we've got an exciting announcement coming up that we're all giddy over, so be sure to check back in!

And until then, keep being awesome.
-The Worldbuilders Team