Worldbuilders 2020 Fundraiser for Heifer International Starts Today!

It’s finally here! The event that the Worldbuilders team has been working towards all year: our annual fundraiser for Heifer International.

Why Heifer?

We believe in Heifer’s mission and their proven track record in doing good. They’ve been around for 76 years, and not only have they kept working at systemic problems like poverty and hunger, they also have taken on new challenges such as the current pandemic.

We’ve even got a map that can show you all the places where they’ve been using the funds we raise, along with other sources, to create sustainable change in the world.

Why give thru Worldbuilders?”

That’s a fair question! Why wouldn’t you just give directly to Heifer International?

Well, first of all, when you give through our annual fundraiser, 100% of your donation goes to Heifer.  We use the proceeds from our marketplace, as well as donations from our supporters, to make sure we can cover all the fees associated with nonprofit fundraising and make sure that Heifer gets all of your donation.

And then we make it even more fun, by giving you a chance to win prizes, to join teams (for even more prizes), to watch other cool geeks talk about neat subjects and also share acts of whimsy to just brighten up this end of a very dark year.

We’ll be updating this blog daily to talk about events and the fundraiser, so check back often between now and December 15th!

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