2020 #S2LF2 Twitch Schedule

Everything kicks off with Pat Rothfuss doing a 14 hour marathon livestream, then streaming every day of the fundraiser from 1-4pm!

Tuesday Dec. 1st @ 12pm CT on Patrick Rothfuss’s Twitch

  • 12:00pm – Worldbuilders Weekly + Jason Woods from Heifer International
  • 2:00pm – Chris Gates from Wyrmwood Gaming
  • 3:00pm – Author Jeannette Ng
  • 4:00pm – Author Terry Brooks
  • 5:30pm – Indie-Pop Trio Shaed
  • 7:00pm – Marian Call & Vi Hart
  • 9:00pm – Gamemaster James D’Amato
  • 11:00pm – Illustrator Nate Taylor

Livestreams and Panels on the Worldbuilders Twitch:

-Wednesday Dec. 2nd 

@ 11am CT  Spooling up our Hope Engines

Featuring: Nghi Vo, Vida Cruz, Nandi Taylor, S.B. Divya.

@ 7pm CT  Geeks Talk About Polyamory!

Ft.: Ruby Bouie Johnson, Carise Rotach-Beard, Cunning Minx & Lustyguy!

-Thursday Dec. 3 

@ 11am CT I’ve NaNoWriMoed, Now what?

Featuring: Mur Lafferty, Casey Lucas-Quaid, Vida Cruz, Coral Alejandra Moore.

-Friday Dec. 4 

@ 11am CT Star Trek & Optimistic SFF

Featuring: Martha Wells, Benjamin Kinney, Dana Pellebon, Sarah Gulde, & special guest: Anthony Rapp!

@ 7pm CT: Join us for Cocktails with Kevin!

Hosted by Kevin Hearne & Zay Olsen, Assistant Director of Worldbuilders

Week 2

-Monday Dec. 7th 

@ 11am CT How I dealt with the total Sh*tshow that was 2020

Featuring: Nghi Vo, Jennifer Kretchmer, Justin Key, M.D., Tyler Hayes.

At 7pm CT: Self-Care for Worldbuilders & Friends

With Worldbuilders Staff Zay, Gray, Beth,  & you!

-Tuesday Dec. 8th 

@ 11am CT Creativity, Capitalism, & Connecting

Featuring: Jennifer Kretchmer, Casey Lucas-Quaid, Malka Older PH.D.

-Wednesday Dec. 9th 

@ 11am CT Geek Podcasting in 2020

Featuring: Liz Brodinski, Mur Lafferty, Benjamin Kinney, S.B. Divya.

@ 6-8pm CT: Galactic Journeys Telethon

hosted by Gideon Marcus and Dana Pellebon, travel back to 1965 for a time-shifted Heifer Fundraiser!

-Thursday Dec. 10th 

@ 11am CT Authors Playing “Among Us”

Featuring: Nandi Taylor, Mur Lafferty, Oghenechovwe Ekpeki, Vida Cruz, Tyler Hayes, Jennifer Kretchmer, Pat Rothfuss. 

-Friday Dec. 11th 

@ 11am CT Inclusive & Accessible Worldbuilding in Different Media

Featuring: Martha Wells, Casey Lucas-Quaid, Jenn Lyons, Mike Selinker, S.B. Divya.

@ 7pm CT Experience “Blades in the Dark”

Live game with Valerie Valdes & Friends

-Sunday Dec. 13th 

@ 3pm CT Live book signing of “Burning Roses” by SL Huang, hosted by Pat Rothfuss!

-Monday Dec. 14th 

@ 11am CT No Sh*t, There I Was: Weird Careers I Have Had

Featuring: S.L. Huang, Oghenechovwe Ekpeki, Vida Cruz.

-Tuesday Dec. 15th 

@ 11am CT Rituals for Moving On From 2020

Featuring: Valerie Valdes, S.L. Huang, Gray Miller, Jamie Dillion.