2020 Was A Dumpster Fire. Here is a Sale. Please be Nice.

Hey there, It’s Zay.

We’ve made it to the last level of Jumanji: 2020 Edition. If someone had told me in January that this year would include a pandemic, social unrest, a record number of hurricanes (including a land hurricane? WTF Mother Nature?), and an extremely contentious election, I would have probably asked you what you were smoking because I wanted some too.

But here we are. And somehow, we’ve managed.

This time of year is supposed to bring holiday joy – family time, decorations, cookies, and togetherness. Of course, even in the best of years these sentiments can fall short for many people. In a capitalist society, this season also brings with it a lot of waste, a lot of chasing after the new shiny things, and if we’re being honest, a lot of disregard for other people.

Three things we really do not need more of, especially this year.

In light of the past 12 months of chaos, we have created the 2020 Dumpster Fire Sale in lieu of “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday.” We feel like it’s more appropriate for the times, and we hope this will be the beginning of our steps away from that *Friday of Darkness.*

Worldbuilders is designed to make a difference in the world; I want to make a difference in the world, and so does the rest of the team. Money is one of the most immediately effective ways to do that.

So Worldbuilders Market will have a store wide sale as we always do this time of year, but we ask that you take a moment to be thoughtful of items you choose.

The sale will last over a week (27th – Dec 7th) to help mitigate the feeling of urgency and scare-spending. We want to give people time to consider the things that they love and that we love, too.

We will have 10-50% off almost everything in the the store, no coupon necessary, and while most of our shipping kerfluffles have calmed, please keep in mind COVID is still making shipping a bit longer for smaller warehouses like ours.

While you are out there, please take a moment to help build a better world in your own way. Don’t shove people, take the time to purchase economically, and remember that just because social issues are not on our newsfeeds, that doesn’t meet systemic problems are gone.

Take time to support black, queer, and trans creators while at our Market and out there in the world, too. Too many creators from marginalized groups get overlooked this time of year, and smaller/ local shops can really benefit from support.

And save your receipts! If you spend more than $15 at worldbuildersmarket.com, you can send your receipts in for a FREE audiobook from Libro.FM! It’s a digital download so you don’t even have to wait, you just get to do more reading.

We hope this 2020 Dumpster Fire Sale will take us right into our last month of “Something to Look Forward to” – the theme for our End of Year Fundraiser to benefit Heifer International (starting December 1st). We want to bring people some joy, some familiarity, some reminder that a little bit from a lot of people can make a huge difference.

We know not everyone can participate financially, but even then, please join us on our streaming channel, spread the word, and thank you so much for being the community we love – kind, giving, and supportive in what has truly been a dumpster fire of a year.

Best and care,