Check Out the “Acts of Whimsy” Supercut!

Every year during our End-of-Year fundraiser various Friends of Worldbuilders create “Acts of Whimsy” – sometimes just for fun, sometimes as Stretch Goals to motivate us.

Check out this supercut of some past videos that have been created by people like Neil Gaiman, the “Unicorn Team”, Hank Green, and of course Patrick Rothfuss!

You can find the full videos and more on
our YouTube Channel

Want to create your OWN video for this year’s fundraiser, December 1-15 2020?

We would love to see it! Some ground rules, though:

  • No copyrighted material. Really, none. This isn’t the place to push the limits of “fair use”.
  • You give us the rights to use it to promote our fundraiser on our various social channels, and that’s all we want.
  • Send a link to a file. We grok dropbox, Google drive, and other cloud hosts, but we need to have access to the actual video, not a YouTube or Facebook link.
  • Tell us if you want us to use it as a “stretch goal” or just a bit of shared joy during a dark time.
  • We will thank you whether we use it or not, because hey, we love that you’re trying to help us make the world a little bit better right now…

Got it? Great! Email your contribution to whimsy @

The sooner we get your video, the easier it will be to use it during the fundraiser, but keep sending them right up to December 15th, because we want two whole weeks of joy, delight, and whimsy as the year (oh, god, what a year) finally winds to a close.

Oh, and also raising funds for Heifer International to continue their work helping people around the world have better lives. Worldbuilders has been doing this kind of fundraiser for over a decade, and we’ve raised more thanĀ $10 million to help fight systemic poverty, food scarcity, and find sustainable solutions by partnering with established charities.

This has been a hard year everywhere. We’re excited to bring a little bit of fun and geeks-doing-good feeling to December, starting on the 4th. Want to stay in the loop? Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to stay on top of things!