Masked Hero Update

Earlier this year in April, we teamed up with Fiona’s Fineries to create geek-themed masks. We created a few options for purchase, including:

  • Buying a mask for $25 plus shipping
  • Getting a mask for free (just pay shipping) if you can’t afford a mask
  • Donating masks for us to send to those in need

We’ve continued to make improvements such asĀ  like this Star Wars Halloween one, cool fall-themed masks, or this Lady Astronaut mask.

And thanks to your generosity, we’ve now been able to include free shipping with every mask – purchased or donated. Here’s some more details about our Masked Hero Initiative success thus far:


Still Need A Mask?

We still have plenty! check out our selections on the website here. And since it doesn’t look like the need for good stylish masks is going away, we’re even offering a monthly mask subscription now.

You can check it out on the website here.