The Masked Hero Initiative: Geeks Doing Good Social Distancing

These geek-themed masks are hand-made by “Fiona’s Fineries“, a veteran-owned-and-run clothing shop that normally travels throughout the country to renaissance faires.

When COVID-19 shut down all of those for the foreseeable future, Christine Fellows, a former Navy hospital corpsman, turned her staff towards creating quality face masks for personal protection. “It was a way to both support my employees and also help out in the community.” She was ahead of the curve; most of the initial places she offered masks to didn’t think they were necessary. Those same businesses are coming back to her now asking for more.

The Masked Hero initiative is made possible through donations to Worldbuilders and purchases at Worldbuilders Market by geeks doing good – like YOU.


This is your chance to be a real Masked Hero in the fight against COVID-19!

These are limited-edition with special “geek-flavored” patterns including Harry Potter, Star Wars, Female Super Heroes, and more.

Best of all, you can be a true Masked Hero and help Worldbuilders send masks to marginalized communities in need. We want to make this as accessible as possible, so

  • You can buy a mask for $25 plus shipping, and help support Worldbuilders nonprofit and a veteran-owned small business in troubled times.
  • If you need a mask and can’t afford it, you can just pay shipping costs.
  • If you want to buy a mask and help someone else get one, you can BODO: Buy One/Donate One. Pay $25 for the mask and throw in an extra $5 to let us send a mask to someone who needs it.
  • If you want to be a Masked SUPER Hero, you can buy yourself a mask for $100 and that lets us send FOUR more to those in need!

What kind of face masks are they?

These face masks are designed for both safety and comfort:

  • The curved front allows for more freedom of movement without adjustment.
  • The pleats are on the sides so that the mask fits better around the face and to the ears, giving solid contact all the way around.
  • A wire is sewn in at the nose to give a proper close fit.
  • Elastic loops for the ears are ¼” elastic and are 4.5” in length.
  • There are openings on each side to insert a replaceable filtration layer.
  • For those who prefer a back-of-the-head fastener, there are “plastic keepers” available by request.

Level up your social distancing super power while helping others – that’s a Masked Hero!