#Geeks4Hope: Thank You for Supporting Frontline Healthcare Heroes!

Hello friends!

Today is a day of celebration, and we are celebrating YOU and another successful fundraiser!  As you all know, we teamed up with ProjectHOPE in #Geeks4HOPE to help our Frontline Healthcare workers.

With the dollars we raised ProjectHOPE can put boots on the ground supplying PPE, training, volunteers, and necessary equipment that is currently in short supply and high demand.

In one of our fastest put-together fundraisers, we had a modest goal of $25,000 dollars – every little bit makes a lot of difference – and raised a whopping $43,087.

You did that!

We cannot express our gratitude enough to our designers, content creators, and extremely supportive community with your shares and streams to promote #Geeks4HOPE. Let us take a moment to say how much we appreciate all of you every time we make the call for action. This time especially, helping despite our own hardships in the middle of a global pandemic, in uncertain times, is no small feat.

We had a blast chatting with some of our favorite authors, developers, and creators. If you have an interest in seeing our hangouts with #Geeks4HOPE’s awesome guests and getting the latest on how they are adjusting in quarantine, please check out Worldbuilder’s Facebook or YouTube where we will add videos with transcriptions.

A big thank you to our friends for helping:

Keep a lookout for updates on how and where your donations directly impacted Covid-19.


Want to keep helping those affected by Covid-19?
Join the Masked Hero Initiative and donate masks
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