How We Are Supporting #BlackOutTuesday

It is #BlackoutTuesday today.

In the current state of this country, we feel it is irresponsible for us not to speak clearly in support of those protesting systemic violence and racism towards the Black community.

This is the time to act – because we need to be anti-racist, just being accepting is not enough. There is a systematic, internalized discrimination in this country. We want you to know that we see you and we hear you both as an organization, and as the individuals in our team. There is important work going on; in light of this we will be limiting our own posts and instead working to amplify the voice of those organizing against racism and violence towards black people and POC.

We also recognize that June is traditionally Pride Month, and we celebrate the fact that the history of pride is a history of people taking action, and the world, however slowly, changing for the better thanks to the brave people who insisted that their voices be heard. Right now, the voices that are most needing to be heard are shouting that Black Lives Matter, and we echo that call for change.

Worldbuilders often acts as a pass-through charity; that is, we work with established charities that work in communities and raise funds for them. For starters, during the month of June, every donation that comes through our donation portal will 100% be passed on to community organizations working to support Black communities during this crisis. We will be working to find ways you can directly help them as well.

Please stay safe out there as our friends, our team, and our communities continue to work towards building a better world for everyone. We are hopeful for that change.