Geeks Doing Good.

Trina's Lament

Trina was a little horrified that we made her the bad guy a couple weeks ago, but she maybe brought it on herself. A little. Not the bad guy part, the workaholic part. We've seriously come to work and not realized that Trina's already here working, because she's just so darn quiet. She's the first to leave the table after lunch. She visited Amanda at home last week, and when she entered the kitchen, she immediately ran over and straightened Amanda's wall clock.

Trina puts herself under tremendous pressure to get work done. This is great for us (and our IndieGoGo supporters, since Trina's been cranking out fulfillment like a small, tie-dyed monster), but we worry that she'll burn out. Apparently she works for fun, and that's just not healthy.*

Don't worry. We'll figure out a way to get her to slack off, but we promise we'll wait until all the IndieGoGo perks are out the door. We love our Trina, but we love you guys too!

*Full disclosure: we all kind of do that. There's usually someone here on the weekend, and we're all guilty of working remotely after hours. But this strip is about Trina.