Geeks Doing Good.

The Volunteers are Here!

Please welcome Hans, Donny, and Hunter! They’ll be with us every day this week as they help us send out everyone’s perks from the IndieGoGo campaign! As for their own perks, the comics are one of ‘em!

We want to thank these guys for being good sports and basically letting Brett poke fun at them with very little supervision. That was pretty brave. We also want to once again thank all our IndieGoGo supporters for making this year our best one so far!

In “real life,” we’re making good headway on the perks, with our poor UPS guy picking up a few hundred packages every day. Maria, Rachel, and Trina are heading up a revolving door of volunteers and the rest of the Worldbuilders team to get everything sorted, wrapped, packed, and properly labeled. Updates can be found about every other week on the Worldbuilders blog, but we'll tell you right now, things are going swimmingly.

And now we have three virtual volunteers to help! Woo-hoo!