Geeks Doing Good.

That's my Favorite Line!

Since it’s not possible to introduce Pat to our “volunteers” in person, we figured we’d at least do it virtually. And maybe get another Trina joke in.

This is pretty much what the office looks like right now: everyone running around, hauling boxes of perks upstairs or downstairs as needed, restocking boxes and poly mailers, sorting and double-checking UPS labels, and juggling spreadsheets. A lot of that is still Rachel, Maria, and Trina, and with Pat out of town, Amanda’s been deputized as well.

Maria really does lift that much. Really.
The Chinese line is from the Firefly episode “Our Mrs. Reynolds”, and apparently translates as, “My god and all her crazy nephews" (according to the script), or more accurately, "My mom and all her crazy nephews." Thanks Crispina!
Donny’s shirt says “Mal Shot First.”
We’re worried we’re giving Trina a complex. She’s really very sweet in real life.