Geeks Doing Good.

Talk with the Hands

As someone who also talks with his hands, Brett was happy to hear that Donny and Hunter also suffer from that speech habit. Brett has been drawing nonstop to get these comics done while Rachel, Maria, and Trina bust out perk fulfillment.

He keeps asking them if they need help, and they keep reminding him that, technically, he is doing perk fulfillment.

We’ve been careful to remind him every couple hours to take a break, and maybe help load the UPS truck or re-palletize boxes. It’s usually when we catch him rubbing his eyes and letting blood flow back into his drawing arm. We can kind of tell it’s time to pull him away from the Cintiq and reconnect him with the real world...

More and more of you should start receiving your perks pretty soon. Feel free to share photos on our Facebook page and Twitter feed! We're super happy with how they all turned out, and we're excited to see how you guys like 'em!