Geeks Doing Good.

Con Zombies!

We had a blast at GenCon 2015! You guys were awesome (as usual). It was great meeting the folks who stopped by to say hi, Brett & Rachel loved hanging out with Marc, Molly, and all the awesome folks at the Writer's Symposium, Maria talked to a few potential sponsors, and Nicole sent a ton of work back to Adam, who stayed behind to hold the fort with Jeff while we were away. It was great catching up with our friends at iEllo and Badali Jewelry, much food was consumed, we got to hang out with the lovely & horrible people at Cards Against Humanity, Dungeons were Trued...

With Janelle from Badali Jewelry no less!

...and we all came home with new games we can't wait to play.

Also, Anton Strout isn't the flesh-rending demon of flatulent despair that Pat led us to believe.

Who knew? But all this will happen Later. Right now, we're really, really tired. Having fun really takes it out of you! Thanks to everyone who went out of their way to chat, all the folks who were excited to hop on board as new sponsors, and all the Con organizers who kept on top of our many questions. Y'all rock!